PORCELA, the leader in sustainable and innovation tiles  Preparing varieties of innovation tiles for cater health and environmentally, sustainability-focused on ESG, exhibited at Architect Expo 2024

          PORCELA plans to provide innovative tiles that cater to health and the environment, with a sustainability focus on ESG, exhibited at Architect Expo 2024, under the concept “Colosseum in the new Era” or Colosseum modern era, and selects exquisite, grand, majestic tiles reflecting the uniqueness of the Colosseum, blended with contemporary innovations, to meet the usage requirement, and consumer demands in the present era at Booth  F507 CHALLENGER HALL  2 IMPACT MUANG THONG THANI  between April 30May 15, 2024

          Panjama Laowiwatwong , the Managing Director of Ruampat Ceramic Co., Ltd.,  an expert in manufacturing and importing high-quality tiles with available in various styles, colors, and patterns which can meet the needs of every style and requirement in home construction, residential as well as various buildings that can be used for decoration floor and wall lining which suitable both outside and inside building under PORCELA Brand, revealed the residential trend and real estate businesses are increasingly focused on the demand for new innovations. Homes, Condos, offices, and office buildings are become smart homes and smart buildings which can upgrade the quality of life in people’s residential living. Therefore, tiles that can meet the growth demand must be innovation tiles that can assist to turn homes and buildings into Smart Homes and Smart Building. They are energy-saving tiles, promote safe and healthy living environment, free from harmful diseases, contribute to improved health, help reduce the risks of accidents, and as well as tiles which users can control expenditure, as well as reduce natural resource usage.      

          PORCELA has adopted a business approach guided by the principle of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) which is a sustainable business approach aimed at benefiting all stakeholders including the environment, society and the nation. In its tile production process, PORCELA utilizes innovative techniques that are environmentally friendly, minimizing waste discharge into nature. The company also selects alternative materials and conducts through inspections to every stage of production to ensure maximum safety.

          “We believe in developing products with a focus on sustainability for both the planet and people which is a key driving force that strengthens the PORCELA brand. Our tiles are good for the world and good for people, it means that our products are both beneficial and responsive to the living needs that all customers desire and choosing PORCELA products is a commitment to living a sustainable life, mindful of the world and the environment.”

         Ms Panjama also said “The special highlight that we proudly present at the Architect Expo 2024 is the product of innovation tiles that will significantly upgrade better living standards. The product which we selected is under the concept “Colosseum in the new Era” or Colosseum modern era. It is well known that the Colosseum is an architectural wonder of the world which conforms and harmonizes seamlessly to the Architect Expo 2024. The product range we have chosen to showcase at the event includes tiles that embody the grandeur, magnificence and reflect the identity of the Colosseum. We have integrated modern innovations in order to meet current usage and demand of people.”

          Exclusive for those who orders or reserves products in the  Architect Expo 2024 will receive special promotion along with the opportunity to view and experience innovative tile designs and eco-friendly products at Booth F507 I Grid Line Q22, Challenger Hall 2, Impact Muang Thong Thani  between April 30-May 15, 2024.

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